mini flextrack demonstration

Mini Flextrack

The next-generation Mini Flextrack is MTM’s flagship product.

The MiniFT is a fully modular system, which can be loaded with any array of end effectors for different tasks – from drilling to inspection. The MiniFT also features an onboard controller, internal storage for datasets, full Ethernet and USB data connections, and a user-friendly touch screen pendant.

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Portable Automation Tools

MTM produces a suite of portable automation tools for aerospace and aircraft manufacturing.

Some of MTM’s tools include the SmartDrill, Auto Deburr, Hole Probe, and Grip Tool.

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Apollo Crawler 2

Networked Crawlers

MTM builds and delivers crawlers for networked aerospace and aircraft manufacturing environments that speed production and time-to-market.

Custom-built crawlers can be networked for full machine coordination on the factory floor.

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